10 March 2010

My Newest Treasury (West): My Idea

Every year from November to February, I curse the fact that I am still somehow living in NJ with our freezing winters.... then March arrives. And those little teases of spring start coming our way: being able to go out in a light jacket, turning the heat down (or off), and maybe even opening a window, even if it's just for a couple of hours a day. Once these changes start arriving, I completely forget just how cold I had been. Because I think it takes having to go through those cold months to really feel true excitement when the first signs of spring appear.

Here in NJ we have had a fantastic week, so my thoughts have now naturally turned to gardening! I like for my garden to be an extension of my home and feel warm and cozy and totally mine. The items I picked for this treasury reflect what I think will make an outstanding garden. Enjoy!

from left to right:
top row: customeyes, ethanollie, TheDailyVintage, CedarTreeFarmSoapetc
2nd row: bijoucreek, daisychestnut, timelessNchic, transienttreasures
3rd row: StoneSchoolVintage, NewDominionBlues, dbulla, rutabagasix
4th row: Reedsbeachbirdhouses, TheLovelys, ivorybird, earthsteps


  1. agreed. i'm in MA, and spring wouldn't be as sweet without the winter proceeding it. have fun digging in the dirt!