09 July 2010

Vintage Market Team's Christmas in July Promo

Aah, I love a good sale and am even happier when I can be part of a group that's OFFERING the sale! You may not yet know, but I am an administrator for the Vintage Market Team on Etsy. We are a group of vintage sellers offering an insanely wide array of vintage items. There is truly something for everyeone in our collective shops!

Running from July 10th to July 17th, 20+ members are offering 250+ items at a reduced price, free shipping, or a combination of both. This week is a great time to pick up that item you've been spying at an awesome savings!

I will be adding items as the week goes on. Click here for the most current list!

Click here for a link to the entire list of sale items!

Remember to check Etsy daily as members will constantly be adding new items!

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