23 January 2011

365 Days of Giving January 12th and 13th.

As usual, I bite off more than I can check and suddenly fall waaaaay behind in everything. The good news? I have been keeping up with my donations. The bad news is that sitting down for a few minutes to write about it seems to elude me. This week, I will attempt to catch up!

Today is about January 12th and 13th. Both are going out together along with a few others items over to the Salvation Army to find a new home.

January 12th: I have done a few breast cancer walks and every time they give you one of their hats as a thank you. I would love to see them use that money instead toward more research, but I digress. And I accept the hat. A hat which I will never wear.

total donation count: 40
total days: 12

January 13th: Most people who know me know that I don't like the typical products or items, especially when it comes to items designed for girls. Someone thoughtfully gave me this purse, but I have never gotten around to using it and since I usually use purses that go over my head, this purse will probably continue to just sit in my closet. I would rather see it go to a new home instead.

total donation count: 41
total days: 13

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