07 January 2011

365 Days of Giving January 8th and 9th.

OK, so technically I cheated on this one. I knew the next things I wanted to give away were school related so I gave them away today but am counting them as January 8th and 9th, which were weekend days.

The three packs of markers above were given to a relatively new teacher in my school. Crayola makes multicultural markers for children to sue to represent a wide variety of people. Once I stopped working as a classroom teacher and became mobile a lot of my supplies just sat and sat in storage. I thought this would be a better use of them

total donation count: 34
total days: 8

Three American Girls Smart Girl's Planners have also been lying around for ages. I picked these up at a teacher supply site but never ended up giving them away. I passed them on to the same teacher to share with girls she think could really benefit from them.

total donation count: 37
total days: 9

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