11 January 2011

A Navy Gray Kind of Day

Snow Days and Back Aches

Yet another storm is coming and winter has only just begun. Snow makes me cry, but as a teacher I could get a day off from work tomorrow, which would be blissful. Yet, then that would mean shoveling and killing my old lady back. To want or not want? Impending storms do always leave the sky a gorgeous shade of grey. And a day off could allow me to sit by the window and admire. Would it be too much to ask for just enough snow to cancel school but not enough to housebound me? Is that asking too much?

from left to right:
top row: raceytay, littlebyrdvintage, oldcrowfarm, lizarietz
second from top: markhed, thrush, yannpendaries, luncheonettevintage
second from bottom: rutabagasix, garden22vintage, creashines, uncommoneye
bottom: lightleaks, thewildplum, deargoldenvintage, knitstorm

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