14 July 2012

Vintage Saturdays: Children's Book's Illustrations.

As a teacher in my real life, I am constantly surrounded by children's books.  While I think they are mostly all adorable, I am seriously in love with old children's book.  What to do with old books that are no longer usable in its traditional sense?  These artists have come up with wonderful ways of reusing the pages within (and even the covers) to create new and super cool treasures.

GormanStudios decoupages the images onto blocks 
to create unique children's toys and room decor:

StoriesDivinations uses reproductions of these images 
to create delightful cards for sending to others:

Another adorable greeting card from StoriesDivinations:

What can you do with the actual book covers themselves?  
PigseyArt turns them into whimsical journals:

Prefer jewelry?  StudioLaTouche makes 
adorable necklaces using vintage illustrations:


Feeling inspired? Here are a few etsy sellers with super fun books 
that are ready to be used in projects of your own:

Vintage Saturdays are the best!  Find previous posts here.


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  1. Great idea with the necklace. I bought a bunch of necklaces with empty pendants a few months ago and can't think of anything to put in them that wasn't already done. That's a great idea.. looks precious.