28 July 2012

Vintage Saturdays: Romance Novels

I have to admit, I have never once read a romance novel.  But this has never stopped me from being totally fascinated by some of those most...interesting...artwork.  The colors, the graphics, the poses...awesome in its own unique way.  Beyond simply reading them, what can you do with these books after they've long been enjoyed for their literary fabulousness?

Oh So Beautiful Paper turns them into amazing wedding invitations!

TheCraneFactory uses the pages to create super awesome bouquets.

Contextomy uses very specific snippets from the novels to create the coolest hair clips ever.

American romance novels can't have all the fun.  Heavensentcrafts uses Spanish novels to create book journals.

Bookity uses the pages within to create super pretty wedding confetti. Way cooler than rice and bubbles.


Feeling inspired?  Here are a few places where you can find your own vintage romance novels :


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  1. Awesome collection! Thanks for the feature Natalie!

  2. Cool! Love the confetti from the books for weddings. Such great ideas. It's amazing all the things we could do from vintage finds...with just a bit of creativity. :)

  3. Great up-cycling/ recycling going on here!