11 August 2012

Vintage Saturdays: Flower Frogs

Flower frogs are definitely not something you see all the time, but when you do, they are often super cute.  Sometimes made of glass, other times of metal, they can also vary by size and color.  So what do you do if you are not an avid flower lover but want to use these in new and interesting ways?

Frog Goes to Market shows them functioning as a business card display.

Kristin Smith
 pinned this image on Pinterest.  A simple stack of flower frogs under a cloche is genius.

Design Sponge shows them artfully arranged on a wall selecting from among a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes.

Vintage Indie showcases them being used as Wedding place card holders. Gorgeous!

Ollie's Fine Things shows how cool they look when used as pen holders.  


Feeling inspired?  Find vintage glass or metal flower frogs here:

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  1. Love Flower Frogs! Thanks for giving me some great ideas for their uses!

  2. Wow, love the variety and displays. Thank you!