04 March 2010

Hell's Kitchen

I grew up in Newark. Yes...that Newark. As in New Jersey. Most people will say (and probably proudly) that have never been to my hometown. But that's too bad because you are actually missing out on some very cool restaurants, cafes, and bars. And I would love to take you there from time to time.

Today I want to talk about nightlife. One of my regular haunts is a place called Hell's Kitchen. Any day of the week it is dark, loud, and awesome. Pictures of 50's pinups are everywhere except with a devilish touch. The vibe is laidback and energetic at the same time. (And it helps that they have awesome happy hour specials every day of the week too!)

And now.... some fabulous etsy finds to help you get that devilish pinup look....

This vintage bathing suit from sailorpinkvintage is to die for! Super sexy in a way that only a vintage swimsuit could be:

No pinup look is complete without a pair of killer stilettos and these from gracevintage are fantastic:

Your look cannot be complete without a perfectly made up face. I LOVE mineral eye shadow from moiminerals. They help create a smoldering look that is the cat's meow:

No devilish pinup look would be complete without these sexy devil horns from topsyturvydesign. Fantastic!

So if you're ever feeling a bit adventurous take the ride over to Newark and let me know! I'll probably already be on my way there!

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