03 February 2010

A HUGE Compliment!

Below is a post from "The Owls Are Not What They Seem". Stefani is a seller on etsy with an awesome shop of her own. She received a sweater from my shop as a gift and included it in her post today. Things like this always make me so happy, knowing someone who I have never met derived joy from me in some way [and her boyfriend sounds quite dreamy too!]. Below is her post:


hooded coat

yesterday, in the middle of a very long day, joelle and i decided to take a little stroll around the quaint little streets of the financial district.

this sweater was a gift from rick, who saw me poking through etsy one night marking my favorites, and he cleverly returned the next day to buy several of my favorite things. when i logged in the next day and saw most of my favorite stuff gone, i was pretty disappointed, and vowed never to hesitate on a good item again.

dolman sleeve shirt

so, i was pretty excited to receive this as a gift a few days later. i love the colors, the dolman sleeves, the stripes…everything. so much so that every time i’ve worn this, i feel the need to demonstrate the batwing sleeve flappability.

vintage knot necklace

and…..all paired with my new-ish vintage knot necklace. i just love the slinky texture, and the pretty little knot.

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