25 March 2010

New Treasury (West): Fala Portugues?

Etsy is in the middle of Euro Week! They are spotlighting awesome artists from all over the continent and really showing us all just how much activity on the site is coming from Europe. So I decided to go with this and create my newest treasury around the theme of Europe. In particular, I chose Portugal for a few reasons. First off, most people are still pretty unfamiliar with the country so it is a great chance to let Portuguese artists shine a little bit more. Second, I had just made a purchase from azulado's shop, which had lead me down a path of searching to see who else is out there from Portugal. And third, my parents were born in Portugal and it is a large percentage of my heritage. I had great fun discovering all sorts of new shops and I hope you take the time to pay a visit to them as well!

from left to right:
top row: BHworld, azulado, teresaponte, lacunawork
2nd row: fricdementol, verarodrigues, postalguarelas, pulguinha
3rd row: joanacphotography, artstock, saidosdaconcha, laurabijoux
4th row: wooler, missantique, bijunea, tinydelights

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