12 April 2010

Etsy's New Voter: What's in Your Ideal Garden?

I have been lucky enough to be selected by Mary, an Etsy Admin, for inclusion in their newest voter, "What's in Your Ideal Garden?" The item of mine that was selected is a set of green antique gardening books that I came across about a month ago. The estate sale was in Short Hills, NJ which has a long history of being one of the most gorgeous towns in the area. And this home was no exception. The property was lush and full of all sorts of plants just beginning to bud after a long, cold NJ winter. The library in this house was a bibliophile's dream. And there was surprisingly no shortage of gardening books.

The ones included in this voter was four of the best ones I could find. Not only are they fascinating reads, they also are a snapshot from a time when perhaps people took great care and pride in what they grew. I truly can't wait to see whose home they end up in!

And in the meantime, if you love these books as much as me, I would love your vote in Etsy's newest voter.

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