30 June 2012

Vintage Saturdays: Book Pages

I'm a modern girl in virtually every way.  But there are a few things I need to hold on to.  Things like old books.  While I appreciate the ease and simplicity of new e-readers, I will take a book anytime.  Nothing can replace the look, feel and smell of a nice big book and if it a bit older, smellier and yellowed? Even better.

So to me nothing is more tragic than seeing an old book ruined and in the trash.  Certainly they can't all survive time, but what can be done with some of those older books that are in a state of disrepair and beyond the point of being able to be fixed?  These artists have found some ingenious ways to reuse books pages.  Even old paper can seem fresh and new when reused.

EmeraldCut runs these pages into mini envelopes.  These are perfect for sending small notes or adding to your wedding decor:

TheTurningofaPage turns them into the cutest stickers ever.  She creates many different shapes, including flying birds:

BookCraft creates super cute roses from book pages.  I think these will look gorgeous as a big bouquet:

More into jewelry?  ThePaperWord uses small strips of book pages to make these really awesome earrings:

Or how about a super cool necklace?  This one is from SimplyPrettyStyle:

Tamragerber uses several book pages to create the ultimate in beautiful wreaths.  I adore these!  They will look great in so many different rooms and fit in nicely with many different home decor styles:


Feeling inspired to make something of your own?  These etsy sellers always have tons of vintage books and/or book pages on hand:

Vintage Saturdays are the best!  Find previous posts here.



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    1. Thank you for featuring my EmeraldCut recycled book page envelopes on your blog, and for letting me know about it! I really love this collection of vintage book-based items. Books are wonderful creatures, indeed. :)

      Will be re-posting this entry on my blog, emeraldcut.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you for including my books! I love old books too and even though I have an e-reader I still have tons of old books. I just love the feel of a book and the history behind each one. Not to mention the lovely illustrations!

  3. I had fun "loving" everything on Etsy!