23 June 2012

Vintage Saturdays: Mason Jars.

I don't cook, bake or do much of anything in between.  Yet I inexplicably find myself with an obscene amount of mason jars.  I am drawn to all the different brands, colors, sizes, and styles.  So what does someone like me, a non-sauce maker (or maker of anything food-related) do with these jars?  There are some really fun and interesting ideas out there and I have come across some really creative uses for these jars.

Industrial Rewind turns them into awesome soap dispensers that make me want to get dirty just so I have an excuse to wash my hands:

Does looking at mason jars make you feel...thirsty?  ScissorsNPaste turn them into Redneck wine glasses complete with screw on lids:

Prefer a shabby chic, rustic look?  SunburstOutdoorDecor attaches them to distressed wood and turns them into a unique double vase that also has a peg for hanging small items:

One of my longtime favorites is designed by BootsNGus who create ultra cool lights from mason jars.  Incredibly gorgeous:


Feeling inspired?  Looking for some mason jars of your own?  Here are a few etsy sellers that always seem to have many jars available:

Vintage Saturdays are the best!!  Find previous posts here.


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  1. Fantastic!! I have a bit of a mason jar obsession myself so I know what you mean!!