16 June 2012

Vintage Saturdays: Wooden Spools

If you are into crafting, DIY or just appreciate the art of making something fresh and new out of something old, then you are probably like me and always looking for cool vintage finds that others might see as castoffs.  It was during one of these endless searches that I first discovered vintage spools.  These originally held sewing threads of all varieties and were often thrown away once the thread was used up.  But for those of us lucky to come across a stash of them, we know we need to grab them immediately!

What can you do with these spools?

ette studios suggests making a headphone keeper:

Wooden NickelsJewelry adds a dictionary page and turns it into an awesome necklace:

BuenaHelena turns them into wall art:

ArcofTime turns them into killer rings:

Feeling inspired?
Looking for some of your own?
Check out these shops:

Created a project of your own using vintage spools?  Feel free to send a photo or two over to me and I will repost it here on my blog!


  1. I love the old spools. I always snatch them up when I find them to resell..I hate to see them thrown away.

  2. Thanks for including my match & spool painting :) There are so many things you can do with old wooden spools!

  3. Natalie,
    Thanks so very much for sharing all these creative ideas, and also thanks for including my vintage spools! Very cool.

  4. Natalie!
    What a most darling post! The ring by Arcoftime is beyond creative. Even though I have scads of these lil wooden spools, I still snatch them up when I see them. I'm a spool hoarder! Thank you for the feature teammie!